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In 2012 we delivered over 10 million web pages and over 27 million ads to over 200,000 unique visitors (Google Analytics). Our goal of supporting the equestrian community throughout West Virginia with as many free web tools as we can dream up - is working! If you decide to advertise on our site, you will be supporting this community and at the same time reaching them with your message. Paid advertising on our site is typically delivered using banner ads, sized to 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall or 768x90 (standard ad sizes) and is inserted on pages throughout the site. If you don't have a banner ad, we can help. Poke around and you'll see the banner ads as you visit different web pages. If you are interested in reaching our members with your message through paid advertising, please email us at Laurie (@) virginiaequestrian.com. We will be happy to send over a list of advertising options and associated costs.

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